Sunday, 5 July, 2009

if music be the spice of life...

Music's always been a core element in my life (like so many of us!)
Bands like Roxette (don't bore us, get the chorus...) MLTR, MJ, Bryan Adams were the flavour of school days (I still love all those songs). Songs were recorded directly from radio onto the tape...yes I was inducted into the world of music piracy long back!

But the real deal came when I reached Manipal. With a roomie who was crazy about trance and psychedelic, 2 friends in the group who wanted to become rock guitarists (I am still unsure of their level of competency!), and a little black friend who was of course the champion of rap (thats one genre which still remains slightly alien to me - 2pac was 2 much to handle!)

The recipe started with GNR and Pearl Jam, post which a healthy dose of Metallica & Nirvana were added. Maiden, satriani, malmsteen and adequate amounts of chicane & darude were thrown in...and by the end of my 4 Manipal years, I was exposed to a plethora of genres!

MBA saw me listening to a lot of alternative (nickelback, green day..) and of course reliving a lot of the past engineering days (it is true that each time you hear an old song, it brings back a lot of memories associated with it!)

Today, as I sit back and look at those roxette, GNR, green day and chicane days...all I can say is - If music is the spice of life, then my journey's been replete with a myriad of seasonings!

Saturday, 4 July, 2009

and then..there was ONE!

Procrastination is something that I am acutely familiar with. Waiting till the last minute to submit assignments, application deadlines or even stuff as inane as cutting my nails (in which case its the stares from others that puts me to shame!!!)

This post took its time coming...and I write this today not because a gun's pointed at my head or someones promised to give me a million dollars if I am able to post this before midnight tonight! The reason is that I've reached the point of explosion (not size-wise..not just yet!) of thoughts. There are experiences, ideas, beliefs etc. that just need an outlet!

I also think 'work' happens to be a major factor. Life does take a completely new turn (for better or worse) when one starts to 'contribute' and finally earn some moolah!Once you get into that psuedo 9-5 working routine and start staying independently, you really do end up missing those long night BC sessions, b'day 'bash'es, or just simply walking over to the room next door for no particular reason at all! and all this results in accumaltion of stuff to share!

Coming back to the ingrained disease of procrastination, I am suddenly reminded of the various tasks that have always been delayed till the last moment, and I realise procrastination does have its positives!
After all...inventing short cuts, being a pro at pressing the panic button, quick thinking, and most of all the art of begging others to buy time (wherever possible)...all these do go a long way in shaping a persons 'all-round' personality!